Personal bio Vedran Hasanagic

I am an entrepreneur, business owner, lifetime student, and an alternative medicine professional who enjoys nature, hiking, and spending time with my beautiful wife and two children. Originally from Sarajevo, Bosnia, I previously owned and operated a chain of 14 herbal pharmacies called “Dr. Hasanagic” together with my father, Dr. Enes Hasanagic, who was the original inspiration for my current career path. As a child, I watched my father care for his patients, and I was continually inspired by the difference he made in people’s lives. It was not long before I followed in his footsteps.

In 1990, due to war and other political issues, I moved to Nicosia, Cyrpus where I was a marketing manager of Golgi Pharmaceuticals. This experience gave me invaluable knowledge on promoting and selling pharmaceutical products that I still use today to carry out my own business practices.

In 1992, I immigrated to Canada with my family, which is where I still live and work. My family and I have thrived here, and I was able to take advantage of numerous educational opportunities. I received an Aromatherapy diploma from the Canadian Examining Board for Alternative Medicine, and in 2010, I graduated from the Indian Academy of Alternative Medicine – Subject Herbalism and received the title of M.D. A.M.

Currently, I am working on my Ph.D. studying natural ways to heal and care for liver diseases. I also founded a company called Natural-E together with my wife. Through our company, we conduct research and development of natural herbal products. Our most known product is called E-Drops Nano, for treating urinary tract infections E-Drops have been on the market since 1987. Some of our other successful products include which guards against plantar and other warts caused by HPV virus. Another helpful remedy,, is a vegetable and fruit wash that kills bacteria. Lastly, is Vitamin D that is prepared with nano technology, and protects against radiation caused by any source, including x-rays, airport scanners, etc. Ultimately, my wife and I are extremely proud of the company we have built and feel good knowing that our creations are going towards bettering the lives of others and saving the environment simultaneously.

Our current projects include working on a new natural product that increases the body’s sensitivity on insulin and decreases patients’ need for artificial insulin. We are also working on taking our other company EastGate Pharmaceuticals public. We expect it to become public and start trading on NASDAQ by the end of 2012.

In my spare time, I enjoy promoting my work through media interviews and magazine articles. I also enjoy playing recreational volleyball and have passed on this passion to my children.

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