Personal bio of Mirjana Hasanagic

Mirjana Hasanagic M.D. A.M.  (Aleternative Medicine)

Born Sept 03. 1964, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Former Yugoslavia.

1984-1989 Attended University of Sarajevo, Faculty of  Philosophy, Major in Linguistics and Literature.

1990 – 1991 – Employed by Herbal Pharmacy Dr. Hasanagic in Sarajevo as marketing Consultant.

End of 1991 because of war in former Yugoslavia, moving to Nicosia, Cyprus and getting position of  assistant of marketing manager in Golgi Pharmaceutical Inc, and working there until 1993,

1993 immigrating with family to Ontario, Canada.

1993 – 1994 Conestoga College, improving English speaking and writing skills.

1995 – 1999 Director of LW Network Publishing Inc

2000 – 2008 Owner and president of Go Laser Inc, Beauty Clinics.

2005 – 2009 Mira attending “Indian Board of Alternative Medicine” Kolkata  and getting her M.D. A,M , Major herbalism.

2011 – present,  President of Nano Essentials Inc.

Mira also finished variety of Reiki courses.

Mira interest in natural health products and nutrition’s started in her husbands herbal pharmacy.

She worked on development of few significant products such as E-Drops for treating symptoms of urinary tract infections, H-Drops for liver cleansing, Wart drops for removal of plantar warts.

Some of the products that Mira helped develop are approved by Health Canada and European Union.

Mira also contributing alternative health related articles to few health related websites and blogs.

Married for over 26 years, two kids, daughter 20 and son 13.

Hobbies: reading, exploring and collecting herbs, exploring other alternative medicines such as: vitamins (orthomolecular medicine), reiki, health water treatments, fitness-yoga and nutrition, gardening, photography\